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18.02.00 enhancements

This section contains information about enhancements in version 18.02.00 of   BMC Digital Workplace .

Data protection enhancements to support the GDPR

BMC Digital Workplace  provides the Personal Data Privacy Utility for supporting applicable data protection and privacy requirements associated with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). To learn more about the GDPR, and the  BMC Digital Workplace technology, see Data privacy, the GDPR, and the Digital Workplace technology.

The Personal Data Privacy Utility can be used by the data protection officer or the administrator to determine that the product is compliant with the GDPR, and to manage and resolve the data privacy inquiries, requested by individuals.

The utility works both for basic configuration ( BMC Digital Workplace ) and advanced configuration ( BMC Digital Workplace Catalog  and  BMC Digital Workplace ), and is compatible with Linux, Windows, MSSQL, and Oracle. To learn more about the utility, see Addressing data privacy requests.

Installer changes

The BMC Digital Workplace installer has been improved to provide a superior user experience while installing or upgrading the product. Additionally:

  • The Apache Tomcat version prerequisite has been raised to 8.0.1 or later. In case Tomcat is not already installed on the system, the BMC Digital Workplace installer includes, and will automatically prompt you to install Tomcat 8.5.
  • An upgrade option has been added for customers who are using BMC MyIT Digital Workplace or MyIT Premium version 3.3.01 or prior. Selecting the option will update the product to the latest version of  BMC Digital Workplace and includes everything in  BMC Digital Workplace Basic, plus the ability to manage locations and monitor service health.

Deprecated features

Integration with the following products is deprecated in 18.02.00:

  • BMC AppZone
    In version 3.3.00, integration with BMC AppZone was deprecated and available only to customers who upgraded from an earlier version after implementing the integration. When customers upgrade to version 18.02.00, the integration is removed.

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