Creating a NIC segment without a VLAN

BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management 4.6.03 and later supports the NULL VLAN (VxLAN) on a virtual machine (not a physical server), which allows you to create a NIC segment without a VLAN in BMC Network Automation to use a VxLAN backport profile.

The following procedure describes how to set up a NULL VLAN in BMC Network Automation. You can then use the VLAN in BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management. For more information about editing address pools and NIC segments, see Editing a pod in the BMC Network Automation documentation.

To set up a NULL VLAN

  1. In BMC Network Automation, open the Pods page by navigating to Network > Virtual Data Center > Pods, and find the pod where you want to add the NULL VLAN.
  2. Click Add Address Pool, and add an address pool for the network.
  3. Click Add NIC Segment, and create a NIC segment with a NULL VLAN.
    In the VLAN Name field on the following dialog box, select the first option with no value.
  4. Add a port type to the existing or new node, and on the Name Within Switch field, enter the VxLAN backport profile name, which is a preconfigured device.
  5. In BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management, synchronize the pod.
  6. Make sure that the name in the Name Within Switch field is VxLAN back port profile name.
    This name must be pre-created on the network device (for example, switch) as the VxLAN back port profile.


Alternatively, you can create and configure a BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management environment with a NULL VLAN (VxLAN) from the Quick Start application. The process is similar to the fields discussed above.

When you create a pod and a network container on the Quick Start application and you enter the port group in the Port Group field, the VLAN ID field is pre-populated. Clear the VLAN ID field. Then, a NULL VLAN is passed to the associated network.

Physical server provisioning is not supported through a NULL VLAN.


When setting up a NULL VLAN, remember these tips:

  • Make sure that, the port type name entered in the Name Within Switch in the BMC Network Automation pod is pre-created on the device before you synchronize the pod in BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management.
  • Be aware that you cannot modify an existing NIC segment to use a NULL VLAN. If you want to use NULL VLAN, you must create a new NIC segment with a NULL VLAN.
  • No changes are required for the network container blueprint, except that the network container must be reprovisioned to include the new node.

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