Working with the eZDeploy utility

The eZDeploy utility is a command-line-based interface utility to export and import BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management service blueprints, service offerings, services, and software packages. With this utility, you can import the downloaded content from BMC Communities and the appropriate artifacts in BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management (service blueprints with option and option choices and service catalog), BMC Server Automation (BL packages), and BMC Atrium Orchestrator (Atrium Orchestrator workflows) to create a service offering in BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management. You can also use this utility to share your service blueprints, service offerings, services, and software packages with the rest of the BMC Communities and allow them to use your cloud deployment's best practices.


The BMC eZDeploy toolkit is validated with the .eZ packages of BMC Zipkits for BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management uploaded in BMC Communities. Before using this toolkit for importing or exporting other service blueprints service offerings, services, and software packages, refer to the Limitations of the eZDeploy utility.

The following video (6:21) provides a high-level overview of the eZDeploy utility:

The following topics provide information and instructions for configuring and using the eZDeploy utility:


Overview of the eZDeploy utility

Lists the key features and benefits of the eZDeploy utility.

Provides details on how to download the eZDeploy utility for your Linux or Microsoft Windows environment.

Note: You do not need to install the utility. You just have to untar/unzip the downloaded Linux/Microsoft Windows eZDeploy utility.

Configuring the environment for the eZDeploy utility

Provides an overview of the tasks to be completed for configuring your environment for using the eZDeploy utility. For detailed steps see:

Using the eZDeploy utility

Provides an overview on how you can use eZDeploy utility to export or import a service blueprint or service catalog. You can also validate an exported or imported service blueprint or service catalog. For detailed steps see:

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