LAMP on RHEL 6.3 ZipKit

LAMP is a combination of free, open source software. The acronym LAMP refers to the first letters of Linux (operating system), Apache HTTP Server, MySQL (database software), and PHP,  which are the principal components to build a viable general purpose web server.

LAMP ZipKit contents

This ZipKit contains the following software:

Software namePackaged with eZDeployDownload location
Apache 2.2.15YesIncluded in the LAMP ZipKit (CLM 4.5-LAMP on RHEL 6.3.eZ)
PHP 5.3.3YesIncluded in the LAMP ZipKit (CLM 4.5-LAMP on RHEL 6.3.eZ)
MySQL 5.1.61No (Required to be downloaded)Red Hat Enterprise Linux version 6.3 64 bit media containing the required MySQL packages.

MySQL package is a copyrighted package. You need to download this package separately. See Where to download the ZipKit for details.

LAMP ZipKit deployment models

The LAMP ZipKit supports the following service deployment models:

Deployment model

In the single-tier deployment model, Apache, PHP, and MySQL are installed on a single instance of a server.


In the multi-tier deployment model, Apache and PHP are installed on one instance of a server and MySQL is installed on a separate instance of a server.

The following topics describe how to use the ZipKit to create a service offering that deploys LAMP on Red Hat Enterprise Linux version 6.3 (RHEL 6.3).


Getting started with the LAMP on RHEL 6.3 ZipKit

Provides an overview of the ZipKit, how to download the content, and a description of what is in the ZipKit.
Importing the ZipKit for LAMP on RHEL 6.3Describes the tasks you must perform in BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management to import the service blueprint included in the ZipKit.
Creating a LAMP on RHEL 6.3 service offeringDescribes how to create a service offering in BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management, which you can then use to create a requestable service offering for your end users.
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