Adding the vCenter server to BMC Server Automation

The following sections provide instructions for adding a VMware vSphere environment to BMC Server Automation:

Before you begin

Ensure that your environment meets the following requirements.

System requirements


The following list of VMware vCenter and vSphere supported versions applies to BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management 4.x and BMC Server Automation 8.5.x.  But even though BMC does not automatically certify newer versions of vCenter and vSphere, BMC does support customers running these newer versions as long as backward-compatibility is guaranteed. For more information, review Component BMC product service pack and patch levels.

Access and privileges

To add the vCenter server to BMC Server Automation

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The following BMC Communities video series describes the changes required when you replace a VMware vCenter server. This video (Part 2) discusses how to update the associated cloud classes. Part 1 discusses BMC Server Automation configuration.

Changes Required When Replacing a vCenter Server (Part 1) (5:22):

Changes Required When Replacing a vCenter Server (Part 2) (4:43):

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The following link provides supplemental information available from a blog entry in BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management Communities:

The Pulse: Configurations when switching to new vCenter server

This blog entry provides information to help you configure your existing BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management stack when you introduce a new vCenter server while keeping the naming convention, for Clusters and Data-stores the same.

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