This space contains information about the BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management 4.0 release. 

BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management is a BMC solution that defines and manages the complete lifecycle of resources used by and provisioned into a cloud. It includes customer-facing service requests and a portal for your customers to virtually manage their cloud resources.

What's new

Version 4.0 of the BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management solution features the following enhancements:

  • Installation and upgrade enhancements
  • New My Cloud Services Console enhancements, such as the ability to request a service offering instance (SOI) on behalf of another user, transfer ownership of a SOI, or share SOIs
  • New support for PaaS provisioning
  • Updated Service Designer workspace, to visually create service blueprints
  • New Quick Start enhancements
  • New Tenant management enhancements
  • Modified deployment architecture to single AR System server
  • Cloud SDK and API enhancements
  • New Compact Deployment model, replacing the 3.x Proof of Concept deployment
  • Integrated management of your Amazon Web Services cloud environment with BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management.
  • New networking enhancements, such as improved efficiency of managing pods and network containers.
  • New Network Designer to visually model an Amazon Web Services Virtual Public Cloud (VPC).
  • Improved management of your virtualized environments with updated support for VMware vCloud, support for datastore clusters, and the ability to refresh data for service instances and servers.

For complete information about what's new or changed, see version 4.0 enhancements. 

Where to start

In the following list, click links related to your role to learn more about how to proceed with this product:

To understand the end-to-end process for achieving value with BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management, see End-to-end process.

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