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Resizing an existing disk for a VM

Beginning with BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management version 3.1 SP1, you can resize the local or system disks that are associated with existing VMware virtual machines (VMs), after a system is provisioned.

To resize an existing disk for a VM

The Resize Disk command enables you to increase the disk space for the VM.


  • This Operator Action is support only on VMs hosted on VMware .
  • This Operator Action requires that VMs have the VMware Tools installed.
  • You cannot resize a disk to a lower value than the current size.
  1. From the list of servers on the Servers linkbar on the My Services tab, highlight the server.
  2. Click the Operator Action  and select the option which was created for resizing disks (for example, Resize Disk).
  3. On the Submit Request window, select the disk you want to resize and the amount of disk space you want.
  4. Click Next.
  5. Select the system disk to which you want the operation to apply and click Submit.

A prompt bar at the top of the Service Instances pane displays an informational message that shows the action is in progress.


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