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Decommissioning cloud services

When you create cloud services, you specify a date in the future when the service will be decommissioned. However, you can decommission a service before the planned decommission date.

To decommission a service

  1. From the list of services in the My Services tab of the My Cloud Services Console, highlight the service that you want to decommission.
  2. Choose one of these methods to perform the action:
    • Click the Decommission button  .
    • Click the Operator Action icon and chose Decommission.
    • Right-click the service and chose Decommission from the pop-up menu.

A prompt bar at the top of the Service Instances pane displays an informational message that shows the action is in progress.  For detailed information regarding the status of the decommissioning action, highlight the service in the list on the Services link bar of the Activities tab and click the Advanced Error Information icon .

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