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Managing cloud services

From the My Cloud Services Console, you can perform the following tasks to manage your cloud services:

  • Decommission — End the life of a commissioned service on demand, before the scheduled decommission date.
  • Extend — Increase the length of the commissioned period for a service instance.
  • Start — Start a commissioned service.
  • Stop — Stop a commissioned service.
  • Attach Storage — Attach a storage service to an existing virtual machine (VM).
  • Detach Storage — Detach a storage service from a VM.
  • Manage virtual load balancer pool entries — Add or remove virtual load balancer (VLB) pool entries from a server; enable or disable added VLB pool entries.
  • Manage virtual firewall rules — Add, remove, or edit firewall rules that apply to virtual firewalls.
  • Manage network paths — Create or remove network paths to regulate traffic on a network.
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