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Cloud end user - using My Cloud Services Console


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This section provides an overview of how you use the BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management – My Cloud Services Console. From this console, you can perform the following actions on the services that your cloud administrator makes available to you.

This topic provides the following overview information:


Because your cloud administrator can customize the My Cloud Services Console, the default view that you see and the services available to you might differ from the views and services described in this topic.

My Services tab

When you log on to My Cloud Services Console, the default view displays the My Services tab:

The My Services tab displays the status of your provisioned service requests. The My Services tab contains three link bars, or sub-tabs: Services, Servers, and Storage. The link bars allow you to see details regarding these three types of resources.  For example, you can view commission end dates for provisioned services, load balancer pools for servers, or attached servers for network disks, among many other details.


The Services link bar displays the status of your provisioned services. When you select a service in the list:

  • Detailed information about the service is displayed in the Details pane on the right side of the window, including:
    • Summary details about the server
    • Related Requests
    • Price
    • Functional Components
  • An icon for each server that is part of the service is displayed in the lower pane:
    • Click the Remote Connect icon to start a remote terminal session on the server.
    • Click the Details icon to display detailed information about the server.


A service that displays a status of Running might contain one or more stopped servers.


The Servers link bar displays all of the servers that comprise your services. Click a service for details about that service. For more information about the actions you can perform on servers, see Managing servers in a service.


The Storage link bar displays all of the network disk storage attached to any of the servers that are part of one of your services. You can view block devices or file systems.

Service Catalog tab

The Service Catalog tab shows the list of services made available to you by your cloud administrator.  The service catalog is where you begin the process of requesting a cloud service, such as a Windows server or additional storage.

Activities tab

The Activities tab displays the status of the resources that you requested, depending on which link bar you select.  For example, to see the status of a request to start a server, click the Servers link bar. 

Where to go from here

From My Cloud Services Console, you can:

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