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Terremark provider issues

This topic contains information to help you troubleshoot the Terremark resource provider. For information about troubleshooting BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management, see Troubleshooting.

You can check the following log files for entries that might help diagnose the problem:

Log file



C:\Program Files\BMC Software\BMCCloudLifeCycleManagement\Platform_Manager\logs\csm.log


The following table contains explanations and workarounds for problems that you might encounter when working with the Terremark resource provider:



Onboarded service blueprints do not appear in BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management after you register the Terremark provider.

Verify that the BMC Remedy AR System reconciliation jobs are running.

Cannot access provisioned VM with the credentials provided while requesting a service.

  • On Windows, access the VM using "Administrator" as the user ID and use the password you provided while provisioning.
  • On Linux VMs, use the SSH key configured while registering the provider. In case of password policy changes, contact Terremark support.

The operation was unsuccessful due to Terremark API server unavailability.

Contact Terremark support.

VM provisioning fails due to incorrect mapping of LDC.

Ensure that service offerings are mapped correctly. Service blueprints in Terremark are compute-pool specific.

The LDC search list does not display all environments and compute pools from registered Terremark accounts. 

Check accounts registered for correctness. This occurs when the credentials provided for an account are incorrect.

Installation of software fails.

Check for correct versions of the RSCD agent in the custom template and BMC Server Automation. Execute the job from the BMC Server Automation console to check for  possible errors in job configuration.

While provisioning  multiple VMs, some of the VMs fail to provision.

Edit the provider details and update poll counts.
Check with Terremark support for issues related to SSH customization or when the infrastructure capacity available in the Terremark account is exhausted.

The LDC search list does not display all environments and compute pools from registered Terremark accounts.

Restart Platform Manager services.

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