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OpenStack provider issues

This topic contains information to help you troubleshoot the OpenStack resource provider. For information about troubleshooting BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management, see Troubleshooting.

You can check the following log files for entries that might help diagnose the problem:

Log file



C:\Program Files\BMC Software\BMCCloudLifeCycleManagement\Platform_Manager\logs\csm.log 



C:\Program Files\BMC Software\AO-Platform\CDP\tomcat\logs\processes.log 


You can also check the OPENSTACK_PROXY_LOG_FILE attribute defined in the OpenStack.properties file. If a value is specified for this attribute then the REST request/response is printed in this file detailing the issue.

The following table contains explanations and workarounds for problems you might encounter when working with the OpenStack resource provider:



LDC search does not return any results even though all the projects configured in OpenStack are not already onboarded.

Check logs for error details and update configuration. Potential reasons could be: 
1. Invalid user credentials provided while registering accounts.
2. Issues in accessing OpenStack environment.

Timeout in BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management before completing operation in OpenStack results in error.

Potential reasons could be delay in completion of the operation in OpenStack. You need to edit the provider and increase Task Poll Count and Poll Interval and then restart the Platform Manager.

The Operating System value populated for provisioned server is coming  up as UNKNOWN.

Admin needs to add the Operating System name to the metadata tag of image.
For example: You can use the following command to add the operating system name as metadata, where the Glance component is installed.

glance image-update <image id> --property os-name=<operating system name>

Note: To use remote connect for Windows server from BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management, the metadata for property os-name should start with Windows. For example: Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows 2008 R2.

Failure in OpenStack operations due to poll timeout.

Incase of frequent occurrences, Admin has to increase the poll interval and/or poll count.

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