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Enabling the TriggerFailsafeUtility escalation

(Issue QM001761614) After installing BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management, you must enable the RE:TriggerFailsafeUtility escalation on the enterprise BMC Remedy AR System server and the cloud BMC Remedy AR System server.

The fail safe utility monitors a reconciliation job that runs frequently at certain intervals. This utility monitors the progress of the job and restarts the job automatically if the job stops responding, so that you do not need a manual intervention.

For more information, see the BMC Atrium Core online technical documentation.

To enable the RE:TriggerFailsafeUtility escalation

  1. On the BMC Remedy AR System server, open a command window.
  2. Navigate to the \BMC Software\ARSystem\Arserver\api\driver\ directory.
  3. Start the driver program from the command line.
    The prompt changes to Command. For more information about the driver program, see Using the driver program from the command line.
  4. Run the following commands from the prompt:
    1. Command:init

         ARInitialization  results
      ReturnCode:  OK
      Status List : 0 items
    2. Command:log

      Control record:
         Authentication string () :
         User name () : Demo
         Password () :
         Locale[.charSet] () :
         Time zone () :
         Server () : localhost
    3. Command:ses
    4. Escalation name:RE:TriggerFailsafeUtility

      Change escalation name? (F):
      Change escalation time ? (F):
      Workflow type (1):
      Change schema or schemaList? (F):
    5. Change enable flag? (F):T
    6. Disable/Enable (0-1) (1):1

      Change query? (F):
      Change action(s)? (F):
      Change else(s)? (F):
      Change help text? (F):
      Change owner? (F):
      Add to change diary? (F):
      Change object properties? (F):
      Object Modification Log Label ():
      ARSetEscalation  results
      ReturnCode:  OK
      Status List : 0 items 
  5. Verify that the RE:TriggerFailsafeUtility escalation is enabled by using BMC Remedy Developer Studio.


If the AR System server settings are changed after installation, then update the JobMonitor.conf configuration file settings accordingly, as described in the BMC Atrium Core online technical documentation topic, Troubleshooting a job that does not respond.

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