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Service offerings overview

Service offerings define what service an organization provides and how it is provided. Services can have one or more service offerings. Each service offering defines a level of service for a price: it combines the service (utility), a service level target (warranty), and add-on options.

For example, the Calbro IT organization offers a service for email hosting. In support of that service, Calbro offers different service offerings, or levels, for an email support service based on response times. Each service offering costs a different amount based on the service level targets.

Service offering

Service level target type

Service level target description


Email Support Gold

Response time

5 minutes, 80% of time

USD $12 per year per instance

Email Support Silver

Response time

15 minutes, 80% of time

USD $8 per year per instance

You can also define the cost to your business of delivering the service, though only the price to users is visible in the BMC My Services Cloud Console. Price can be based on currency type, the type of charge (such as per instance or per CPU second), and frequency (such as per week or per hour).

You can define service offerings based on how you want to manage your services. For example, if managing your services by location is important to your business, you might create the service offerings for Email-US, Email-Europe, and Email-Asia. If managing services by organizations and their resource demands, you might have service offerings for Finance-Small, Finance-Medium, Finance-Large, Support-Medium, and Support-Large to customize for the different storage requirements for each organization.

In the Service Catalog, you can further define a service offering:

  • Associate a service offering with a technical service.
  • Add options to the service offering for end users to select.
  • Link requestable offerings to the service.
  • Set service level targets for the service.

All technical and business services must have at least one service offering.

Service offerings are mapped to a service blueprint and one of that blueprint's service deployment definitions.

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