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Resource provider overview

Within BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management, a resource provider is a software program that supplies resources for the cloud.

BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management consumes raw compute, storage, and network resources from a variety of resource providers. These raw resources are used to create higher level administrative and hosting abstractions in the cloud to make it easier for cloud administrators to provide cloud-based infrastructure services for users.

For example, if a software development team requests a variety of hardware and operating systems as well as a specific set of applications for testing purposes, the cloud administrator can, if BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management is installed and configured, fulfill the request with little manual intervention.

Raw cloud resources can be physical or virtual, and can include servers, virtual clusters, storage devices, as well as routers, firewalls and load balancers. BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management can also use resources provided by various public clouds such as Amazon EC2.

Default resource providers

BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management has the following default resource providers:

  • BMC Server Automation provides compute resources by provisioning physical and virtual servers that can be used in the cloud. Compute resources include physical servers and virtual environments (such as clusters, virtual hosts, and virtual resource pools). BMC Server Automation provides VMware, IBM LPAR, Citrix XenServer, and Microsoft Hyper-V resources.
  • BMC Network Automation provides network information to BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management such as network locations names, pods names, IP addresses, and network blueprints.
  • NetApp provides block device and file system storage to running server instances.
  • Amazon EC2 provides access to Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) resources, allowing you to provision service offering requests using Amazon EC2.
  • VMware vCloud provides access to VMware vCloud resources, allowing you to provision service offering requests using on the VMware vCloud platform.

These default resource providers can be automatically preregistered during installation using the BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management Installer. If preregistered, the resources from the default resource providers are ready to onboard into the system. 

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