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Onboarding tenants


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After creating a tenant and its users, you must onboard the tenant before its users can access the BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management My Cloud Services Console.

Using the Onboard Tenant dialog box, you can onboard companies as cloud tenants and select the software packages that tenant users are allowed to request. A package is a set of requestable offerings that exist in the Service Catalog. For information about requestable offerings and packages, see Creating and managing requestable services.

Before you begin

To onboard a tenant

  1. From the BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management Administration Console, click the vertical Workspaces menu on the left side of the window and select Tenants.
  2. Click the Onboard Tenant icon . The Onboard Tenant dialog box is displayed.
  3. Select the Company that you want to onboard by clicking the Name menu button.
    The following information is displayed:
    • Description lists the description from the company data record created in the Application Administration Console is displayed. You cannot change the description in the Onboard Tenant dialog box.
    • Available Entitlement Packages lists all of the packages that are available to the tenant. Packages are not required to onboard a tenant.


      Do not onboard any companies included with the product as sample data.

  4. Click the Contract End Date calendar button and select the date when the tenant's users will no longer to be able to request cloud services in the BMC My Cloud Services Console.


    The Contract Start Date is set to the date that you onboard the tenant and you cannot change it. The Contract End Date defaults to the start of the day, at 12:00 A.M. To increase the the length of the contract to the end of the day, add an additional day.

  5. If needed, create or select tags as described in Creating tag groups and tags.
    Tenant tags are necessary only if two or more tenants share a network container.
  6. Add entitlement packages if they exist.
    If no packages exist yet, skip this step and finish onboarding the tenant. You can return later to select available packages for the tenant company, as described in Editing tenant packages and contract end date. For information about creating service offering packages, see Creating and managing requestable services.
    1. Select the packages from the Available Entitlement Packages table that you want to make available for the users of the tenant company.
    2. Click the Add button to move your selections to the Selected Entitlement Packages table.
      You can also drag entitlement packages from one table to the other.
  7. Click Onboard.

The tenant company is onboarded.

You can now continue with Mapping tenants to network containers.

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