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Navigating the Service Blueprints window

Use the Service Blueprints console to view available service blueprints, their components (service definitions), and their resource sets (service deployment definitions).

To navigate the Service Blueprints window

  1. From the BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management Administration Console, click the vertical Workspaces menu on the left side of the window and select Service Blueprints.
    All of the service blueprints on your server are listed.
  2. From Service Blueprints in the left pane, select a service blueprint from the list.
  3. Select how you want to display the service blueprints :
    • Graphical View (default) — Shows service blueprints in a GUI, with lines to illustrate relationships between objects. You can point your mouse to an object to view its name and description. When you select an object in the display pane, read-only details of the deployment model appear in the Details pane.
    • Table View — Lists service blueprints as rows in a table. When you select a service blueprint, read-only details of the selected item appear in the Details pane.
  4. To search for a specific service blueprint, enter the search terms and then click the magnifying glass .
    As you start typing characters into the Search field, the list of service blueprints is automatically filtered.
    The search is based on the service blueprint name. If you enter Red as the search term, only the service blueprints named with the Red pattern are retrieved from the list (for example, Redhat 5.4 server, Redhat 6.0 server, and so on).
  5. From the Service Deployment Definition menu, select a different service definition to view .
  6. Double-click an object in the GUI to open its editor.
  7. Click Save in the Service Blueprint Definition window after you modify a service definition or resource set in its editor.
  8. At the Success prompt, click Save to indicate that you have updated the service blueprint.
  9. Click Refresh to view additional service blueprints that other cloud administrators have created.

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