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Managing service blueprint tags

You use the Manage Tags dialog box to create, delete, and modify your own tags and tag groups. These tags associate metadata with service blueprints and related objects (for example, components, deployment definitions, or resource sets).

Any tags that you add or remove from the service blueprints interfaces are propagated throughout the system because the underlying data is shared between various BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management workspaces (for example, Tenant Management or Resource Management).

You then click the ellipsis button next to the Tags field to choose from a list of available tags and tag groups.


You can actually tag service blueprints at several levels: Service Blueprint Definition (top level), Components, Service Deployment Definitions, Resource Sets, and Compute Resources.

Because you can have multiple instances of these levels to specify different options in each service blueprint, you can tag each option level separately to ensure that the proper resources are used during service provisioning. When a service blueprint is tagged differently at different levels, the tag at the more specific level of the service blueprint is used during policy evaluation. For more information, see Service blueprint tag selections in policies.

For more information and a suggested tagging strategy, see:

Before you begin

Before deleting a tag, confirm that the tag is not being used in a service blueprint and that the tag is not being used to identify options. Before deleting a tag group, confirm that no tags in the tag group are being used in a service blueprint or to identify options. You should also confirm that the tag group is not being used in a policy defined in the service governor.

To manage tags

  1. Open a service blueprint.
  2. Click the ellipsis button next to the Tags field.
  3. Click Manage Tags.
  4. To create or delete a tag group:
    1. In the Tag Group column, click New to create a new tag group.
    2. Name the new group.
    3. To delete a tag group, select a tag group and then click Delete
      If you delete a tag group, you also delete the underlying tags.
  5. To create or delete a tag:
    1. Select a tag group.
    2. In the Tags column, click New to create a new tag.
    3. Name the new tag.
    4. To delete a tag, select a tag and then click Delete
  6. To add a tag:
    1. Select a tag group.
    2. Select a tag.
    3. Click Add.
  7. Click Save.

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