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Configuring resources

During resource configuration, you create, configure, and onboard the components that are needed to provision an Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instance. You perform the first task, preparing your Amazon EC2 account, through the Amazon Web Services (AWS) console. To do this task, you will need to be familiar with AWS features and operations. After you have prepared your Amazon EC2 account, you then link AWS accounts with existing BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management accounts. This association is required so that BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management users can connect with the different Amazon cloud services.

Next, using an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) ID of a custom AMI that you have created earlier in the AWS console, you add a catalog entry to the Product Catalog console of the enterprise BMC Remedy AR System server. This entry is used as an installable resource in the service blueprint creation phase.

In the last stage before provisioning an Amazon EC2 instance, you perform the following tasks:

  • Onboarding a pod and a virtual cluster
  • Creating a virtual cluster compute pool and virtual disk repository compute pool
  • Importing a network container blueprint
  • Creating a network container
  • Mapping compute pools and tenants
  • Creating a service blueprint, service offering, and requestable service offering

The following topics provide instructions for preparing and onboarding the needed components:

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