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Creating the vCloud service offering instance

You can create and submit the vCloud service offering instance as you would any other instance. As with other service offerings, you have the ability to stop, start, decommission, and extend the compute container. For overview information and detailed procedures, refer to Creating cloud services and related subtopics.

To create a vCloud service offering instance

  1. In the Service Instances workspace, access the Service Catalog tab, browse to view the available Cloud Services requests, and select one to request.

  2. Click Request Nowto open the Submit Request dialog box, and enter your selections in the fields.

    Options are not available for vCloud service offerings.

  3. Click Next to view the summary. No options are available.

  4. Click Submit to initiate the service offering request.

You can view the status of the service request under the Services subtab of the Activities tab.


You may be able to ignore error messages when decommissioning a vCloud service offering instance. The system automatically deletes all VM and vApp template entries from the cloud database in BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management. However, entries are not removed from the source VMware vCloud implementation.

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