Multitenancy in BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management

Based on products from Cisco, VMware, and NetApp, the multitenancy architecture is a set of infrastructure design guidelines that creates isolated security zones across a unified pool of infrastructure resources to protect corporate data and applications. The configuration of these infrastructure components is documented and validated for Cisco solutions at the compute and network layers, for VMware solutions at the hypervisor layer, and for NetApp solutions at the storage layer. The picture below illustrates the infrastructure stack.

This multitenancy architecture is designed to meet four requirements:

  • Availability of computing, network connectivity, and storage resources
  • Secure separation for isolation of assets
  • Service assurance to meet performance requirements
  • Management of resource availability and rapid provisioning

Meeting these requirements requires tools to cost-effectively manage the entire infrastructure as a cohesive service offering from a single pane of glass, while assuring compliance with enterprise policies and SLAs.

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