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Working with activities as an activity assignee

Release Management provides the capability to assign specific units of work known as activities. When work in a release must be tracked in a lifecycle with specific status transitions, but does not require the complexity of a change request (for example, approvals), you can use an activity instead. For example, a new payroll application requires that your user base receives proper documentation and training. Since this requirement is not a change request that needs to be completed by the Change Management team, the release coordinator creates it as an Activity using the Activity form, and then assigns it to an activity assignee.


Activities do not typically involve changes to the IT infrastructure.

The activity assignee is typically a member of the support staff and is responsible for planning the activity, for example, adding scheduled start and end dates; adding work information to the activity, for example, attaching a training schedule; creating and assigning tasks, for example, the Payroll staff to create training materials, the HR staff to train the users; and adding financial information, for example, budgeted and actual costs.

For more information, see Activities.

The activity assignee requires the following user permissions:

  • Release User permission grants general access to the Release Management Console. You can open, query, submit and modify release requests. Release Viewer permission grants access to the Release Management, but you can only open and query release requests.
  • Activity User permission grants general access to the Activity form. The activity assignee will be permitted to query and modify activity requests.
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