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Working with release activities

Release Management module provides the capability of creating and assigning specific units of work called activities. Activities have their own lifecycle with a series of status transitions, for example, Draft, Assigned, and so on. You can also establish a sequence of tasks in your activities. Activities are useful when you need to create a structured sequence of tasks that you must complete to fulfill the release, but these tasks should not be classified as a change request.

For example, imagine you must release a new version of the Calbro marketing application. One of the work items that must be completed in the release cycle is training users on the new marketing application. Because training is not a change request that the Change Management team would complete, you decide instead that training should be an activity that is assigned, tracked, and completed using the Activity form.

Release Management comes bundled with the Activity form, which provides basic facilities for assignment, status, work info, and task management. The Release Management integration with the Activity form lets you create any generic activity that you need to track.

Activity form

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You use the Activity form to add a set of activities to a release request. You can track release states and requester information, relate and assign tasks, and enter work log information.


For more information about the activity assignee role, see Working with activities as an activity assignee.

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