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Creating activities - basic steps

The following section describes the basic steps for creating an activity.

To create a new activity — basic steps

  1. Perform one of the following actions:
    • In the Initiate milestone of the Process Flow Status bar, click the arrow and choose Action > Create a New Activity.
    • On the Release Management console, click Create (above the Change Requests and Activities table).
    • On the Manifest tab of the Release form, choose the Activity request type and then click Create.
      The Activity form is displayed. The tabs you see vary according to which other applications are installed, for example, BMC Service Level Management.
      The activity initially appears in Draft status. To enable the activity from Draft status to be moved to its next status, enter information into the following required fields.
  2. (Optional) Use an activity template to fill out the contents of the activity.
    Activity templates are especially useful in any activity that follows well-defined methods for specific and repeated requirements. Activity templates do more than simply fill out fields for you; they can also include tasks with the activity. For more information, see Selecting activity templates.
  3. In the Summary field, enter a brief description of the activity.
  4. In the Detailed Description field, enter a more complete description of the activity.
  5. Select the Priority to identify the importance you (as support staff) assign to the activity.
    Priority indicates the relative order in which activities should be addressed. It is influenced by considerations of risk and resource availability. The default value of the Priority field is Low.
  6. In the Requester tab, enter the person creating the activity (Requested By).
    When creating an activity, the Requested By information is populated automatically with the people and group information of the person logged in. In Search mode, these fields are blank.
    To modify this information, you can click in the Last Name field, enter partial information you might know about the individual you are looking for, and then press Enter.
    From the People Search dialog box that appears, select the appropriate user record, and then click Select. The other fields in the Requested By section are filled in with information from the user's People form record.
  7. Enter the location information for the activity.
    The Location Information is populated automatically with the company information of the person logged in.
  8. Complete Assignment information about the activity.
    For information, see Working with activity assignments.
  9. (Optional) Define work information about the activity.
    For information, see Entering activity work information.
  10. (Optional) Create tasks associated with the activity.
    For information, see Creating activity task groups and tasks.
  11. (Optional) Complete financial information associated with the activity.
    For information, see Planning financial information for activities.
  12. (Optional) Plan the activity's dates.
    For information, see Planning activity dates.
  13. Click Save.
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