This documentation applies to the 8.1 version of Change Management, which is in "End of Version Support." You will not be able to leave comments.

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Configuring after installation

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  1. Rudi Martinsen

    Why can't I access "Configuring the Email Rule Engine"? I get "Not Permitted"...

    Jan 06, 2014 02:14
    1. Vedran Vesel

      Me too (sad)

      Feb 11, 2014 01:10
      1. Priya Shetye

        Hello Rudi, Vedran,

        The information was restricted before the Service Pack 1 for version 8.1.00 release. You should now be able to access the page.

        Apr 04, 2014 02:20
        1. Rudi Martinsen
          Apr 04, 2014 02:55
          1. Priya Shetye

            Hello Rudi,

            We noticed a permission issue with the branch and have fixed it. Could you please confirm for me if you can access the page?

            Apr 04, 2014 07:56
            1. Rudi Martinsen

              Yes, thank you. I now have access to the page

              Apr 04, 2014 08:29
  2. Vedran Vesel

    It works now: Many thanks!

    Apr 04, 2014 08:00