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Approval mappings

The following topics provide information and instructions on approval mappings:

The Approver Mappings form indicates the individuals and group approvers for each approval phase based on the approval process defined in the Approval Process Configuration form. Approval processes can be defined for a configuration item (CI) and impacted area (IA). If an approver is not defined, approval is not required for that phase.

When a change request moves from one status to another, the default workflow on the change request queries the Approval Process Configuration form to find out which approval process to use, and then executes it. For example, when a change request moves to the Review phase, the Approval Server checks the Review phase (Change Level CI-IA - Review) approval process, one of the approval processes enabled by default to work with BMC Change Management.

You can use the following approval processes to configure approval mappings based on configuration item (CI), impacted areas (IA), and other available change attributes (for example, Impact, Priority):

  • Change Level CI-IA - Review
  • Change Level CI-IA - Business
  • Change Level CI-IA - Implementation
  • Change Level CI-IA - Close Down

These approval processes are applied when you move a change request to the Review, Business, Implementation, or Close Down phase. The approvers are selected based on an exact match to the configured approval mappings. A blank field implies any match.

The following changes have been made in the Approval Mapping form in this release:

  • The separate CI and IA approval processes have been consolidated — If you had configured an IA approval process (for example, IA-Review) and included a CI in the approval mapping configuration for that process, the CI qualification was not applied during approval. Now, both IA and CI qualifications will be considered for approvals after an upgrade.
  • The Default Process Name field has been removed for BMC Change Management — The approval process selected in this field was applied when the change did not have a CI or IA defined. All approvers, even if they were approvers specific to IA or CI, received an approval notification if other Change attributes qualified. Now, after an upgrade, the default process is no longer valid. Notifications are sent only to the approvers who qualify according to the defined configurations (CI, IA or other change attributes).

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