This documentation supports the 23.3 version of BMC Helix Change Management.

To view an earlier version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Moving a change request to the implementation stage

You can move an already created change request to the Implement stage.

To implement the change request

  1. In Mid Tier, open the change request 
  2. Use the Process Flow Status bar to move the change request to the Implement stage.
  3. To modify the change request assignments, click the Work Detail tab.
    For information, see Assigning and reassigning change requests.

  4. Click the Relationships tab. 
    Define the relationship of the change request to other change requests, CIs, LDAP objects, storage locations, and so on. For information, see Defining and managing relationships.
  5. Click the Tasks tab.
    1. Create the tasks necessary to implement the change request. 
    2. Assign the tasks to the appropriate task implementers. For information, see Task implementation for Change Management.
    3. Reassign tasks as necessary. For information, see Creating and modifying tasks.

Working on task assignments

Following the recommended life cycle of a change request, the status of a task should be in Scheduled before you accept the task. You cannot start working on a task until the change request reaches the Implement stage. For more information, see Change Management roles.

You receive notification of assigned tasks by email. You can also use the Overview Console or the Change Management Console to view all tasks assigned to you. The table list includes a column that shows the assignee of the task. Tasks are identified by the TAS prefix. To access the Change Management console, the task implementer must have Infrastructure Change Master, Infrastructure Change User, Infrastructure Change Submit, or (at a minimum) the Infrastructure Change Viewer permissions.


Tasks do not support functional roles as they have their own permission model. Change Management maps its groups into the relevant task computed groups for access. For this reason, users with Infrastructure Change Viewer permission cannot update the task assigned to them from the parent change request. To work on a task with Infrastructure Change Viewer permission, you must also be assigned a functional role (for example, Infrastructure Change Coordinator) and you must open the task from the Change Management console.

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