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This version is currently available to SaaS customers only. It will be available to on-premises customers soon.

Creating and updating cases

In BMC Helix Business Workflows, when an employee requests for a service in a line of business, as a case agent, you create a case to log the request. While creating the case, you enter various details in the case like description, priority, categorizations, support group and the assignee who works on the case, and so on. When you create the case, it is the start of the case lifecycle. Throughout the case lifecycle, you can change the case status to reflect the progress of the case. 

When you work on the case, you can take multiple actions on it like updating the case details, adding tasks to the case, associating relevant information with the case, and so on. The results of these actions help you to proceed with the case.

For example, you create a case for an employee who requests for the information about benefit packages in a line of business. After you create the case, you associate a knowledge article on benefit packages to it. Also, you add a task to the case to verify which benefit packages are applicable to the employee.

The following results of your actions on the case, help you to resolve it:

  • By associating a knowledge article with the case, you associate additional information with it. Whenever required, you or other agents who have access to the case, can refer to the information in the article.
  • By adding a task to the case, you ensure that you focus on one action at a time as defined in that task.

The following figure illustrates the flow of creating and updating a case:

This figure illustrates the flow of creating and updating a case

The following topics provide more details about creating a case and the actions that you can take on the case:

ActionSupported on mobile devicesReference
Understand the different options through which you can create cases.NoCase creation options
Create cases from the Create case page.NoCreating cases from the Create Case page
Create cases from the Quick Case page.NoCreating cases from Quick Case
Refer to information about a case to proceed with the case or to change the case details like category, priority, summary, and so on.YesViewing and updating case details

Split a case into multiple tasks and execute each task separately.

NoUpdating tasks and tracking progress

Change the status of a task to reflect its progress.

YesUpdating tasks and tracking progress
Get an approval for a task or view pending approval details.YesApproving and rejecting tasks
Associate information that is related to the case so that you can refer to the information while working on the case.YesAssociating cases, knowledge articles, related users, and related assets to cases
Share or receive information that is related to a case with other agents or employees.YesCommunicating case updates
Change the status of a case to reflect its progress.YesChanging case statuses
Get an approval for a case or view pending approval details.YesApproving or rejecting cases
Change the template of a case after you create the case in certain situations like employee changes the request or a latest template is available for the case.YesSelecting a different case template after creating a case
Reassign a case to a support group or assignee if the earlier assignee is not available or the support group of the assignee is changed.YesReassigning cases

Provide additional users with access to a case or to remove a user access.


Changing user access to cases
View the history of a case to analyze who made what changes to the case and when.YesViewing and updating case details
Receive updates about status or assignment changes to a case by adding a case to the watchlist.YesDefining watchlists to receive notifications about case updates
Reopen resolved cases that might be accidentally resolved or those that need additional work to be done.NoReopening cases
Update the profile of a user by adding notes or observations.YesUpdating a user profile
Assist users through Live Chat to resolve their queries.NoAssisting users by using Live Chat
Send and receive documents for digital signing from within a case.YesSending and receiving documents for digital signature

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