Troubleshooting SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise

This topic provides information on how to analyze and troubleshoot problems that you might experience when installing and using SAP BusinessObjects:

Server is running out of memory

The following message appears if the server is running out of memory:

An internal error occurred while calling 'processDPCommands' API (Error: ERR_WIS_30270)

To free up server memory, turn off the real-time caching in Business Object using the following steps:

  1. Log in to the Business Objects Central Management Console.
  2. Select Servers
  3. Click Web Intelligent Services.
  4. In the Server Name tab, click the hostname.WebIntelligenceProcessingServer server to open the server properties.
  5. Deselect the Enable Real-time Cache checkbox.
  6. Click Save and Close.
    The flag is displayed next to the hostname.WebIntelligenceProcessingServer server. 
  7. Right-click on the server name and select Restart server for the change to take effect.

Custom reports displaying incorrect data

After you upgrade to 10.0.00 from 9.5.02 and you have created custom reports by using the following Universe objects, these custom reports will display incorrect data. For more information about these objects, see Universe objects.

Object NameObject Path
Number of Impacted Components

Impact/Impact Measures/Number of Impacted Components

Number of Unavailable Components

Impact/Impact Measures/Number of Unavailable Components

Number of Minor ComponentsImpact/Impact Measures/Number of Minor Components
Number of Warning ComponentsImpact/Impact Measures/Number of Warning Components
Number of Info ComponentsImpact/Impact Measures/Number of Info Components
Number of OK ComponentsImpact/Impact Measures/Number of OK Components
Number of Unknown ComponentsImpact/Impact Measures/Number of Unknown Components
Number of Blackout ComponentsImpact/Impact Measures/Number of Blackout Components

You must re-generate the custom reports including these objects in the reports.

Reports hang on SQL Server or report refresh takes very long time

When SQL Server is the Reporting database, the reports hang or take a long time to refresh. 

Check if you have set the Isolation level to READ UNCOMMITTED. You can check the value of the Isolation level by creating a custom report with the Isloation Level Universe object, as mentioned in Creating custom reports. The Isolation Level value must be ReadUncommitted. 

To correct this issue, configure the Microsoft SQL Server JDBC Driver as mentioned in  Configuring BMC TrueSight Operations Management Report Engine database connection with SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise Open link


Text in free standing cell is truncated

When you generate reports in Asian characters Unicode Fonts, the bold font style text in free standing cell gets truncated.

To correct this problem, change the font style from Bold to Regular. Perform the following steps to change the font style in WebIntelligence reports:

  1. Open the WebIntelligence report in design mode.
  2. Right-click the truncated cell, navigate to Text > Font.
  3. Change the Font style from Bold to Regular. 
  4. Click OK.
  5. Save the report.

BIAR file not imported successfully

When you have installed Report Engine with Universe Option or imported the BIAR file manually after installation, and if the BIAR file is not imported successfully, you may receive the following error:

Reports and Universe failed

To resolve this issue, perform the following:

  1. In SAP BusinessObjects BI Enterprise, open Central Management Console and delete the following files or folders (in bold) if they already exist:
    1. Folders – TrueSight Operations Management Reports
    2. Promotion Management - TrueSight_DataMart.lcmbiar
    3. Universes – TrueSight operations Management – BPPM DataMart.unx  
  2. Install Report Engine with Universe option (over the top installation) or import the BIAR file manually.

Report does not refresh when the Aggregate Value and Performance Interval Size objects are used in the same report

When Aggregate Value and Performance Interval Size objects are used in same report, report may not refresh and the SAP Business Object session might time out.

To avoid this issue, you must use either Aggregate Value or Performance Interval Size object, not both, in the same report.

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