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Reconciling AR customizations

During the upgrade, the upgrade installers ignore application overlays and change only the objects that were originally installed with the application or server. After the upgrade, the application or server continues to use the overlays instead of the original objects for run-time operations so that your customizations are preserved.

When you upgrade applications or system components, some objects that you have overlaid might be deleted, which means that your overlay is deleted as well. Similarly, some of your customizations might interfere with the upgraded behavior. You must reconcile these customizations before using the application.

For further information about overlays, see Customizing applications using overlays and custom objects Open link .

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Upgrade reconciliation process overview

The following graphic depicts the reconciliation process during an upgrade. The reconciliation stages shown in the graphic happen in the respective environments followed by an upgrade of platform components and applications.      

Before you begin

Before you reconcile the AR customizations, you should have captured a snapshot of your current overlays, adjusted the customizations, and upgraded the platform on the primary server. If you have not yet performed these steps, return to the appropriate upgrade process:

You can use your production server as a reference server (or the QA server if the customizations match what is in production) to perform the reconciliation.

Reconciliation process

Where to go from here

Next task

Start with Performing AR reconciliation.

Up to process

When you have finished reconciling BMC Remedy AR customizations, return to the appropriate stage in the upgrade process:

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