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Installing the platform components

This topic provides the following information:

Preparing to install platform components

Before you begin, make sure you have carefully reviewed all the information discussed in the Preparing section.


If you want to install BMC Remedy Single Sign-On, you must do so before installing the BMC Remedy ITSM Suite platform components. See BMC Remedy Single Sign-On installing Open link .

Scope of platform installation

The following table lists the different components and installers you need to install BMC Remedy platform components.

InstallationFeatures installedInstaller needed
BMC Remedy AR System

BMC Remedy AR System server

  • BMC Remedy Action Request System server
  • BMC Remedy Email Engine
  • BMC Remedy Approval Server
  • BMC Remedy Assignment Engine
  • BMC Remedy Flashboards

The following plug-ins are also installed:

  • AR External Authentication (AREA) LDAP
  • AR System Database Connectivity (ARDBC) LDAP
  • Web Services
  • Full Text Search (FTS)
BMC Remedy AR System installer

BMC Remedy Single Sign-On Open link

  • BMC Remedy Single Sign-On
BMC Remedy Single Sign-On installer

BMC Remedy Mid Tier

  • BMC Remedy Mid Tier
  • Apache Tomcat JSP engine
  • (Windows only) ARWebReportViewer application

Note: Install BMC Remedy AR System server and BMC Remedy Mid Tier on different computers.

BMC Remedy AR System installer
BMC Remedy Smart Reporting BMC Remedy Smart Reporting console. BMC Remedy AR System installer 

BMC Remedy AR System clients

  • BMC Remedy Developer Studio (and the Localization Toolkit)
  • BMC Remedy Data Import
  • BMC Atrium Integrator Spoon

Note: This is a Windows-only option; it is not available for Linux or UNIX.

BMC Remedy AR System installer
BMC Remedy Encryption SecurityBMC Remedy Encryption SecurityBMC Remedy Encryption Security installer
BMC Atrium Core


  • BMC Atrium CMDB
  • Reconciliation Engine
  • Normalization Engine

Note: You cannot install BMC Atrium CMDB on a remote AR System server; you must install in on the computer on which BMC Remedy AR System is installed.

BMC Atrium Core installer
BMC Atrium Core Web ServicesBMC Atrium Core Web ServicesBMC Atrium Core installer
Atrium Integrator
  • Atrium Integrator server
  • Atrium Integrator client
Atium Integrator installer
BMC Configuration Drift ManagementBMC Configuration Drift ManagementBMC Configuration Drift Management installer
Other installation
Help systemInstalls the offline help.Component-specific online help installer

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