This documentation supports the 19.08 version of Remedy and applies only to the on-premises deployment model.

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Planning where software is installed in server groups

When installing server groups, make sure you know exactly what products you plan to install, and determine which servers will be running each product. BMC recommends that you install all the Remedy products on all servers, and then to use the AR System Server Group Operation Ranking form on Email Engine and Normalization Engine to distribute the load; however, there are may different ways to do this and each decision is based on the specific implementation.

Create a list in a text file for each server and its IP address, as well as all accepted fully qualified names. This saves you time when configuring the other servers. Each server must have the same set of entries containing all resolvable names for each server. Include the IP address, short name, and fully qualified name for each server in the server group and the load balancer, if one is used. In the installation instructions, a two-system server group is used and the systems have the following information. (Ensure to obtain similar information for your implementation before you start the installation process.)

The following example uses a format that you can use the Centralize Configuration for all the servers in your server group. It includes the entire set of IP-Name entries for this example.

You use IP-Name to store different IP addresses for the current server. This validates if a given action needs to be performed on the current server or on the remote server. If the input value from the action matches the current server name, it is stored as “@” (current server in the database). Else it continues to be the given server name (remote server name). 

The following actions uses IP-Name:

  • Direct SQL call from active link
  • Run Process from active link
  • Expand menu
  • Call active link guide
  • Server specified in table field
AR System Server 1:
IP-Name: svr_grp_tst0

AR System Server 2:
IP-Name: svr_grp_tst3

Other Info Needed:
Server-Name (resolves to the load balancer name): RemedyServerGroup

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