This documentation supports an earlier version of BMC Helix Operations Management.

To view the documentation for the latest version, select 23.1 from the Product version picker.

Onboarding and implementing

BMC Helix Operations Management  is a subscription-based service available on BMC Helix Portal . It enables you to monitor system health, reduce event noise, detect anomalies, and view event analytics.

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BMC Helix Subscriber Information Open link


Launch BMC Helix Operations Management

When your account is created, you receive a URL and the credentials to log on to BMC Helix Portal .

  1. When your account is created, you receive a URL and the credentials to log on to BMC Helix Portal .
  2. Click the BMC Helix Operations Management tile.

Set up user accounts and grant access

Create and manage users in BMC Helix Portal . Assign user groups to authorization profiles in BMC Helix Operations Management .

Setting up role-based access control Open link

Setting up access control

Roles and permissions


Configure data collection

Begin data collection by planning your monitoring requirements. Decide what environments to monitor and the attributes to monitor.


Monitor events and reduce event noise

Use a centralized event view to monitor and manage events, perform event operations, and filter events.

Identify actionable events from a large volume of event data by processing events in various ways.

Monitoring events and reducing event noise


Detect anomalies and eliminate false positives

Use alarm and variate policies to detect anomalies through static and dynamic thresholds.

Detecting anomalies by using static and dynamic thresholds


Monitor and investigate services and situations

Monitor service health, perform probable cause analysis for impacted services, and monitor and investigate policy-based situations.

Monitoring and investigating services and situations

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