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Go-live phase for on-premises to on-premises migration

The target milestone for go-live is to make your on-premises, to-be-production environment available for use. Go-live is intended to take place within a week or two of UAT sign-off.

The following table provides the detailed process step that continues from the diagram on User acceptance tests for on-premises to on-premises migration.



Production cutover

The production cutover moves all users and integrations from the legacy production system to the to-be-production system. 

Several activities are performed prior to the cutover outage.

We recommend that you perform a go-live assessment during the emulated and production cutover.

Go-live assessment

After you have completed your migration to the to-be-production system, we recommend that you validate that the system is ready for production usage. The recommended tasks for this activity include the following procedures:

  • Performance tuning—OS, database, and BMC Helix ITSM
  • Validation of configuration settings and hotfix status
  • Verification of configuration file settings
  • Failover testing

Immediately before go-live, perform the go-live assessment with the database image you will use. This activity can be performed only during the production cutover. The time taken for this activity depends on the assessments that you perform. However, you can reduce this time, if the outage window is constrained, by performing some activities outside the final cutover.

We recommend that you include this activity in the emulated cutovers so that the duration and outcome are known prior to the final production cutover.

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