BMC Helix Dashboards offers unified reporting and gives you a consolidated view of data from applications across your environment. The consolidated view of dashboards helps you perform tasks such as responding to issues quickly so that system downtime is minimized. You can create, export, and share interactive and customizable dashboards with users within or outside your environment. You can also improve the efficiency of your system by monitoring the key performance metrics.

BMC Helix Dashboards is a part of the BMC Helix solution. Built on a microservices-based architecture, it is available both as a SaaS service and a container-based on-premises deployment. You access BMC Helix Dashboards from BMC Helix Portal, which is the launchpad to your licensed BMC Helix services.

Release notes and notices
updated 15 May

Learn what’s new or changed for BMC Helix Dashboards , including new features, urgent issues, documentation updates, and fixes or patches.


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May 15, 2024

Enhancements available in this release:

  • Download Reporting Metadata Studio from the UI
  • View calculated fields in a separate folder
  • Configure a default date and time format
  • Configure the width of y-axis labels in the BMC Bar Chart visualization

24.2.01 enhancements and patches

April 10, 2024

Enhancements available in this release:

  • Create customized views by using Reporting Metadata Studio
  • Apply functions to fields in the visual query builder
  • Create and manage roles in BMC Helix Dashboards
  • Learn about the improvements in the CMDB dashboards
  • Configure the Axis and Thresholds settings in the BMC Time Series Forecast visualization plug-in
  • Manage the capacity of storage systems with out-of-the-box dashboards

24.2 enhancements and patches

Mar 4, 2024

Enhancements available in this release:

  • Analyze traces by using the OpenTelemetry dashboards
  • Learn about the BMC Combination Chart plug-in improvements

24.1.02 enhancements and patches

Feb 8, 2024

Enhancements available in this release:

  • View onboarding status for new hires by using the Onboarding Manager Dashboard
  • Learn about Dashboards improvements

24.1.01 enhancements and patches

Jan 10, 2024

Enhancements available in this release:

  • Create SQL queries by using the visual query builder
  • Visualize data as pentagonal elements
  • Learn about Dashboards improvements
  • Analyze anomalies by using the Anomaly dashboards
  • Analyze bounce rates by using the Bounce Rate dashboard
  • Manage cases by using the Case Manager dashboard
  • Analyze survey responses and ratings by using the DWP Customer Satisfaction Report dashboard
  • View and track change requests by using the Open Change Analysis dashboard
  • Analyze problems by using the Problem Management Summary dashboard

24.1 enhancements and patches


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Out-of-the-box dashboards


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Leverage the capabilities of BMC Helix Dashboards by creating good visualizations, adding links in dashboards, or sharing dashboards.

Scheduling reports for automatic distribution


Configure a schedule to send reports to external or internal email addresses.

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