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Progressive Web Applications overview

Progressive Web Applications (PWA) are applications that use common web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. These applications are platform-independent and can be used across different devices such as desktops, tablets, and mobiles.

The following video (2:10) provides an overview of Progressive Web Application.

Features of Progressive Web Applications

Using PWA provides some of these features:

  • Customization—high level of customizability means you can add forms, fields, and views that are specific to your business use cases.
  • Responsive UI—capable of displaying user interfaces on devices with varying screen size, resolution, and OS.
  • Functionality and security—consistent across all clients. 
  • Data-driven localization—localized strings are extracted and used when the application is running.
  • Progressive—Works on all supported browsers. .
  • Installable—In the case of mobile devices, allows you to place useful applications on your home screen without the need of an application store.
  • App-like—Uses an app shell that provides an app-like navigation and interactions on mobile clients.
  • Linkable—Shareable by using a link. It does not require complex installations.

Benefits of Progressive Web Applications

PWAs provide the following benefits:

  • Faster application load time.
    PWA is designed along the lines of a Single Page Application (SPA), so all static content is loaded once in a browser, and you can navigate seamlessly without the whole browser page being refreshed.
  • Flexibility for developing a dynamic user interface.
  • Ease of customizing the application.
  • Support for Section 508 compliance similar to that of  Smart IT and Mid Tier .
  • Support for localization. 
    You can localize all labels in a generic fashion without the need to create per-locale views. You can also retrieve locale-based data.
  • Accessible with user credentials by the standard login functionality similar to that of  Smart IT including RSSO integration.

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