This documentation supports the 21.05 version of Action Request System.
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As the administrator, you will set up servers and users, managing and configure data, and monitor system performance. See the following sections to learn how to administer  AR System .


Configure the mid tier for managing client requests, individual AR System server settings such as logs and licensing, server groups for high availability, and load balancers.

Setting up the mid tier and servers
Create users, groups, and roles. Assign permissions. Set up preferences.Setting up users, access, and preferences
Define and deploy data and objects; audit, archive, import, and export data and objects.Managing data and objects
Configure companies, catalogs, and people.Setting up and modifying Foundation data by using Application Administration Console

Import data into your BMC Helix ITSM applications.

Data Management
Monitor licenses, memory, server groups, and more.

Monitoring the system and performance

Performance and benchmarking

Set options in configuration files that are read upon startup of AR System components.

Remedy configuration reference
Configure OAuth 2.0 authentication for the Exchange Web Services (EWS) protocol for your mailbox.
OAuth 2.0 enables conveying authorization decisions across a network of web-enabled applications and APIs and provides mechanisms for user authentication.
Registering Remedy Email Engine with Microsoft Azure for OAuth 2.0 authentication
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