This documentation supports the 20.02 version of Remedy Action Request (AR) System.

To view an earlier version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Configuration settings

The centralized configuration forms contain the configuration settings or options for the following components:

  • BMC Remedy AR System server
  • BMC Remedy Mid Tier
  • BMC Remedy Approval Server
  • BMC Remedy Email Engine
  • BMC Remedy Java plug-in server
  • BMC Remedy Shared (Shared parameters for all components)

When you change a configuration setting in the  AR System Administration:Server Information form (AR System server), the AP:Admin-ServerSettings form (Approval Server), or the AR System Administration: Plugin Server Information form (BMC Remedy Java plug-in server), the configuration settings and their new values appear in the centralized configuration forms. You can also change the configuration settings using the AR System Configuration Generic UI form.


  • Changes to the ar.cfg (ar.conf) file for some settings are reflected in the centralized configuration forms for backward compatibility, and changes to those settings in the centralized configuration forms are reflected in the ar.cfg (ar.conf) file.
  • For information about configuring mid tier properties, see Settings in the file.


  • Configurations under "*" indicates global level settings.
  • If you are upgrading from version 9.x to version 18.05, the com.bmc.arsys.server.shared > shared component is referred as com.bmc.arsys.server.shared > *
  • When you upgrade to version 18.05, the AR Server automatically takes care of the configurations that are stored under shared.
  • If you already have a backup of your Centralized Configuration and if you plan to restore the backup, you must replace the shared component with *.
  • You cannot create a local level configuration for configurations stored under com.bmc.arsys.server.shared component.

For more information, see Managing AR Server Group components by setting global-level and local-level configurations.

List of configuration settings


While upgrading the BMC Remedy AR System server, the value of the Configuration-Name setting is mapped to the Server-Connect-Name setting. If the Server-Connect-Name setting is not present, then the value is mapped to the Server-name setting.

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