This documentation supports the 21.05 version of BMC Helix CMDB.

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21.05 enhancements

Review the BMC Helix CMDB 21.05 enhancements for features that will benefit your organization and to understand changes that might impact your users.

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Known and corrected issues

Release notes and notices

Additional BMC Helix ITSM enhancements Open link

(Version 21.05.02 and later) Container deployment of BMC Helix CMDB

BMC Helix CMDB is available as part of the BMC Helix Innovation Suite. Perform container deployment of BMC Helix Innovation Suite and Service Management applications in your on-premises environment. This method of deployment offers:

  • Simplified on-premises deployment process with reduced effort as compared to the deployment by using installers.
  • Less resource consumption, offering better resource scalability.
  • Ability to consume cloud-based applications such as, BMC Helix Multi-Cloud BrokerBMC Helix Digital Workplace.
  • Improved security that offers ability to isolate applications from the host and other applications.

For more information, see  21.05 Patches Open link in BMC Helix Innovation Suite Deployment documentation.

Identify CIs against multiple datasets

Identify CIs against multiple datasets in the Identify activity in a reconciliation job to avoid creating duplicate CIs in the production dataset.

For more information about identifying CIs against multiple datasets in CMDB Portal, see Configuring reconciliation identification rules.

Export reconciliation job definitions

Use the Reconciliation Job Export utility to migrate job definitions between different environments.

For more information about using the utility, see Exporting reconciliation job definitions.

What else changed in this release

The following table lists the changes in the product behavior:

UpdateProduct behavior in versions earlier than 21.05Product behavior in version 21.05

Add relationships in CMDB Explorer

Every time that you related two CIs, you had to select the type of relationship from the Select relationship drop-down list.

You select a relationship type the first time and continue to relate two CIs without having to select the relationship type.

For more information about adding relationships, see Adding a relationship between CIs.

CMDB UtilitiesHelix Subscribers could not access CMDB Utilities from BMC Electronic Product Distribution (EPD) site.

Access the download location to CMDB Utilities from CMDB Portal.

See Working with CMDB utilities.

isVirtual Mapper utility

After upgrading, you had to manually move existing data from the isVirtual_old attribute to the isVirtual attribute or re-sync BMC Discovery with CMDB.

After upgrading, run the isVirtual Mapper utility to move all the data from the isVirtual_old attribute to the isVirtual attribute.

For more information, see Moving data from isVirtual_old attribute to isVirtual attribute.

Update API JAR filesThe custom applications that use the NE and NOE APIs were compatible with any version of the API JAR files.

If your custom applications use NE and NOE APIs, upgrade the API JAR files for these APIs.

AR System server does not to allow attachments without an extension. This impacts the custom applications that use the NE and NOE APIs. To resolve this issue, you must upgrade the API JAR files.

For more information about upgrading the API JAR files, see Issues and error messages in CMDB Portal and solutions.

Product name change for BMC CMDB

CMDB user interface displayed the product name as BMC CMDB.

BMC CMDB is renamed to BMC Helix CMDB, and this change is reflected in the CMDB user interface.

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