This documentation supports the 20.02 version of BMC CMDB.

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Reconciliation issues

This section lists the following issues you may encounter with reconciliation processes and steps to overcome them. The following illustration gives you an overview of troubleshooting reconciliation issues:

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Troubleshooting reconciliation comprises of the following tasks:



Collecting diagnostics including the following:

  • Issue symptions
  • Scope
  • Environment details
  • Logs
  • Configuration files
Troubleshooting CMDB reconciliation issues by collecting diagnostics
2Troubleshooting reconciliation issues

Troubleshooting reconciliation based on error messages

Issues related to reconciliation jobs

Reconciliation cannot find match for instances during identification

Reconciliation Engine multiple CI match issues

Troubleshooting Reconciliation Engine jobs that do not start or finish


Optimizing reconciliation based on the following settings:

  • Reconciliation server
  • AR server
  • Form archiving
  • Database settings
  • threads

Improving performance of reconciliation

4Implementing changesVerifying whether Reconciliation Engine changes are implemented
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