Upgrading the Integration Service and Remote Cell silently

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Where you are in the Upgrade process

1Preparing to upgrade TrueSight Operations Management solution
2Upgrade Remedy Single Sign-On
3Upgrade TrueSight Presentation Server
4Upgrade Infrastructure Management — Phase A
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5Upgrade Application Visibility Manager
6Upgrade Real End User Experience Monitoring Software Edition 
7Upgrade TrueSight IT Data Analytics

This topic presents upgrade procedure for the Integration Service and remote cell from an earlier version to the latest version. You can upgrade these components using the silent upgrade procedure, as described in this topic.

When you run the silent upgrade, only the components that are already installed on the computer are upgraded. 

To upgrade the Integration Service and remote cell silently

Do the following:


  • From TrueSight TrueSight Infrastructure Management 10.5, upgrade of the Integration Service is not supported on the Solaris or AIX operating systems.
  • On the Solaris operating system:
    • If you have only remote cell installed, you can upgrade it.
    • If you have both Integration Service and remote cell installed, you cannot upgrade any of these components.
  • On the AIX 7.1 operating system, you cannot upgrade Integration Service or remote cell.

  1. Ensure that you take a backup of the earlier installation directory of the Integration Service and remote cell. If they are installed on virtual machines, take snapshots of the virtual machines.

  2. Navigate to the TSIMAgent.zip file available in the installationDirectory\pw\pronto\web\html\download\win32_agent directory and extract its contents.

  3. Open and edit the bmc_tsim_is_upgrade.options file in a text editor. 

    1. Specify a valid directory for the Integration Service or remote cell:

      -P installLocation=<INSTALL DIR>

      <INSTALL DIR> is the installation location.


      (Windows)-P installLocation=C:\Program Files\BMC Software\TSIMAgent
      (Linux)-P installLocation=/opt/bmc/TSIMAgent
    2. Enter the Integration Service and remote cell installation configuration information under User Input Properties.

      -J name=value

      name is the name of the parameter
      value is the value for the parameter


      -J OLD_CELL_INSTALL_LOCATION=C:\Program Files\BMC Software\TSIMAgent

      -J OLD_INSTALL_LOCATION=C:\Program Files\BMC Software\TSIMAgent

      -J IS_CELL_UPGRADE=true

      -J IS_I_S_UPGRADE=true



      OLD_CELL_INSTALL_LOCATIONLocation for the earlier installation of cell
      OLD_INSTALL_LOCATIONLocation for the earlier installation of the Integration Service

      Setting to enable the cell upgrade.


      Setting to enable the IS upgrade.

      Consider the following scenarios with example parameters:


      Parameters to run

      When both Integration Service and cell are installed in a same folder

      -J OLD_CELL_INSTALL_LOCATION=C:\Program Files\BMC Software\TSIMAgent

      -J OLD_INSTALL_LOCATION=C:\Program Files\BMC Software\TSIMAgent

      -J IS_CELL_UPGRADE=true

      -J IS_I_S_UPGRADE=true

      Note: You cannot upgrade only Integration Service or only cell if they are installed in the same folder. You must upgrade both at the same time. The installer displays the error message to upgrade both Integration Service and cell.

      When both Integration Service and cell are installed in different foldersUpgrade any one component at a time
      Upgrade Integration Service only#-J OLD_CELL_INSTALL_LOCATION=C:\Program Files\BMC Software\TSIMAgent

      -J OLD_INSTALL_LOCATION=C:\Program Files\BMC Software\TSIMAgent

      -J IS_CELL_UPGRADE=false

      -J IS_I_S_UPGRADE=true


      • If the cell is already installed in the same folder with the Integration Service, you cannot upgrade the Integration Service only. You must upgrade both components together.
      • If the cell is not installed but the cell directory exists in the computer, rename the cell directory and proceed with the Integration Service upgrade. Post upgrade, you can rename the cell directory to the original name.
      Upgrade cell only

      -J OLD_CELL_INSTALL_LOCATION=C:\Program Files\BMC Software\TSIMAgent

       #-J OLD_INSTALL_LOCATION=C:\Program Files\BMC Software\TSIMAgent

      -J IS_CELL_UPGRADE=true

      -J IS_I_S_UPGRADE=false

  4. (Optional) Enter the KB migration details:

    -J MIGRATED_KB=<true/false>
    -J MIGRATED_KB_HOME=<KB migration path>



    Set one of the following values:

    true: Set this value to true if you have already migrated KBs using the  mmigrate utility Open link .

    The default value is true

    During the upgrade, the installer copies the following:

    • (Windows) Copies the migrated KBs from the \mergedKB\server\etc\cellName directory and overwrites them in the default <installationDirectory>\pw\server\etc\cellName directory

    • (Linux) Copies the migrated KBs from the /mergedKB/server/etc/ directory and overwrites them in the default <installationDirectory>/pw/server/etc/cellName directory

    For custom cells (created using the mcrtcell command), you must manually copy the migrated KB to the pw\server\etc directory after the upgrade is completed.

    false: Set this value to false if you want to migrate the KBs after upgrading. 
    With this option, KB customizations will be retained after the upgrade, but the new KB changes from 11.3.04 cell will not be part of the upgraded KB. 

    Ensure that you run the mmigrate utility to migrate KBs after upgrading. The mmigrate utility will merge the customized KB changes with the latest KB changes and create a migrated KB. For more information, see Using the mmigrate utility. Open link

    MIGRATED_KB_HOMEPath of the customized KB directory
    • If you set MIGRATED_KB to true, then set MIGRATED_KB_HOME to point to migrated KB directory path. The directory path must follow this hierarchy structure for each cell KB to be migrated:
      • (Windows) \topLevelDirectory\mergedKB\server\etc\cellName, where \server\etc\cellName is the standard subdirectory
      • (Linux) /topLevelDirectory/mergedKB/server/etc/cellName, where /server/etc/cellName is the standard subdirectory
    • If you set MIGRATED_KB to false, then do not set any value to this parameter.
  5. Run the following command to upgrade the Integration Service on the local computer by using the bmc_tsim_is_upgrade.options file:

    (Windows) install.cmd -i silent -DOPTIONS_FILE="<fullyQualifiedPath>\bmc_tsim_is_upgrade.options"
    (Linux) ./install.sh -i silent -DOPTIONS_FILE="<fullyQualifiedPath>/bmc_tsim_is_upgrade.options"

    where fullyQualifiedPath indicates the complete path where you have saved the bmc_tsim_is_upgrade.options file. The path must be enclosed within double quotes.


    (Windows) install.cmd -i silent -DOPTIONS_FILE="C:\Temp\bmc_tsim_is_upgrade.options" (Linux) ./install.sh -i silent -DOPTIONS_FILE="/tmp/bmc_tsim_is_upgrade.options"

    Installation-related information is not displayed on the console when silent installation begins. However, installation occurs in the background. The installation progress is logged in a temporary folder during installation. Navigate to the Temp folder, and refer the tsim_agent_install.log file.

    Do the following if you have upgraded as a non-root user on a Linux operating system:

    If the following warning message is displayed in the tsim_agent_install.log file, run the chmod command to update the file permissions.


    {Description=[<AGENT_INSTALL> Unable to execute command successfully. Command: [/tmp/BPPMAGENTSCRIPTS/./restoreISFilePermissions.sh, /tmp/BPPMAGENTSCRIPTS/filesList.properties]

    Run the following commands to update the file permissions.

    chmod 664 $BPPM_AGENT_HOME/pw/monitors/monitors/NodePingMon/libNodePingMon.sl
    chmod 664 $BPPM_AGENT_HOME/pw/server/etc/mcell.propagate
    chmod 664 $BPPM_AGENT_HOME/pw/server/etc/mcxa.conf
     #Cell is installed on same server
    chmod 774 "/etc/mcell/setup_env.sh"
    chmod 774 "/etc/mcell/setup_env.csh"
  6. (applicable only to custom cells created using the mcrtcell command) Start the custom cells manually.
  7. To verify that the Integration Service is running:
    • (Windows) ensure that the Integration Service Ver x.xbuild yyyy(portNumber) service status is started. If the Infrastructure Management Integration Service Ver x.xbuild yyyy(portNumber) service is not running, start it. 

    • (Linux) navigate to the installationDirectory/pw/pronto/bin/ directory, and run the pw agent status command. Verify that the tsim_agent process is listed. If the tsim_agent process is not listed, run the pw agent start command. This command restarts all the Integration Service processes. 

    • If any exceptions occur, check the following log files that are stored on the  TrueSight Infrastructure Management  Server at installationDirectory\pw\pronto\logs:

      • TrueSight.log
      • TSIMAgent.log
    • If you are not able to identify the problem, contact  BMC customer support Open link  for assistance.


      Ensure that you restore the mcell.dir file that you had taken a back up before upgrading the Integration service.

    • On both Microsoft Windows and Solaris platforms, to verify that the cell is running, run the mcstat -n cellName command to check the cell's status. If the cell is not running, use the appropriate start procedure. (On Solaris, source the setup_env.sh file in the /installationDirectory/pw/server/bin directory to run the mcstat command.)

    • If you have any problems with the cell, see  Cells troubleshooting Open link

Troubleshooting upgrade issues

If you face issues during upgrade, see Troubleshooting an Integration Service deployment. Open link

Next step in the Upgrade process

Now that you have successfully upgraded Integration Service and cell, upgrade the other TrueSight Operations Management components as per your requirements. For instructions, see Upgrading.

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