Upgrading a synthetic TEA Agent silently

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TrueSight Application Visibility Manager 11.3.03, TrueSight Application Visibility agents for JAVA and .NET 11.3.01, and TEA Agent 11.3.03 are the latest versions of the components and they are compatible with TrueSight Operations Management 11.3.04.

To upgrade the synthetic Transaction Execution Adapter (TEA) Agent, you can use a silent (unattended) installation, as described in this topic, or the installation wizard.

Defining properties and running the silent installation

You can upgrade more than one TEA Agent on a single computer. For each agent you must supply the specific agent installation directory.

If you want to upgrade more than one TEA Agent on the same computer, you must run the installation more than once. 

To define properties and run the silent upgrade

  1. Log in to the host computer as a user with administrator privileges.
  2. From the Disk1 directory, open the TEAAgent-silent-option-upgrade.txt file, the options file provided with the product installer.

  3. Ensure that the installation directory path that you enter in installLocation (in the silent options file) matches the value of your existing TEA Agent installation.

  4. (Applicable for high-availability only) In a high-availability environment, if a load balancing server manages access to the App Visibility portal, ensure that you update the following property values to provide details of the load balancer.



    Change the value to true.
    portal_host_nameProvide the load balancer host name as the value.
    portal_portProvide the load balancer port number as the value. Default is 8100.

  5. Save the TEAAgent-silent-option-upgrade.txt file.

  6. From the directory where the installer file is stored, open a command prompt and run the silent upgrade using the following command:

    setup.exe -i silent -DOPTIONS_FILE="<filePath>\TEAAgent-silent-option-upgrade.txt"

    The <filePath> is the full location of the options file.


    setup.exe -i silent -DOPTIONS_FILE="C:\temp\TEA-Agent-Windows-11.3.00\Disk1\TEAAgent-silent-option-upgrade.txt"
  7. If your TEA Agent is installed on a Windows Server operating system, you need to restart the computer. See 

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     for more details.


    You might see the following message in the upgrade log file:

    Test connection could not establish a secure connection with App Visibility.  If you are using a custom certificate, after you install, use the certificate replacement tool to replace the agent certificate.

    If you see this message, you need to replace your TEA Agent security certificate after upgrade is finished. See Implementing private certificates for App Visibility components and Synthetic TEA Agents for more details.

  8. If your host computer has multiple versions of Silk Performer installed, ensure that the Path is pointing to the supported version of the Silk Performer. If the Path is not pointing to the supported version, set the Path as shown in the following example:

    (Windows)  set Path=C:\Program Files (x86)\Silk\Silk Performer 18.5;<Silk Agent installation directory>\truesightpserver\bin

  9. If you enabled HA for the  App Visibility  portal for the first time, upgrade each TEA Agent and update each agent's portal connection details to the portal's load balancing server.

To verify that the TEA Agent installation was successful

  1. Using Windows Administration Tools to view local services, ensure that the service for the BMC TEA Agent is running. 
    If the service is not running, check in the bmcteaagent_install_log.txt file (located in the %temp% directory) for warnings or errors.
  2. Log on to the TrueSight Presentation Server with Administrator access.
  3. From the navigation menu, select Administration > App Visibility Agents.
  4. Ensure that your installed Agent is listed in the table and that the Agent status is Online.

Next Step in the Upgrade process

Now that you have successfully upgraded the TEA agent, you can upgrade the other TrueSight components as per your license entitlements. For instructions, see the Upgrade process.

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