Upgrade process overview for Infrastructure Management

The following figure outlines the sequence of steps to be performed to upgrade to TrueSight Infrastructure Management


The following sequence of actions briefly explain the upgrade process:

  1. Perform the following if you have Infrastructure Management Server cell KB customizations, else proceed to Step 2.
    1. Install the latest version of the Integration Service on a separate host computer. 
    2. Run the mmigrate utility on the Integration Service host computer. For details, see  Using the mmigrate utility. Open link .
    3. Run the mccomp command to compile the cellKB. For details, see  Compiling a Knowledge Base - mccomp Open link .
    4. Copy the mergedKB to a new directory on the server computer. For details, see  Using the mmigrate utility. Open link .
      Note: During the Infrastructure Management Server upgrade, provide this new path.
  2. Install Remedy Single Sign-On and the Presentation Server, and import the Infrastructure Management PATROL repository. For details, see  Installation process overview Open link .
  3. Upgrade the TrueSight Infrastructure Management Server. For details, see  Upgrading Open link
  4. Install and configure the Infrastructure Management Integration Service nodes Open link

    If enough hardware resources are available on existing Integration Service nodes, the latest Integration Service node can be installed on the same host with the existing Integration Services. If you decide to co-host the new and older Integration Services on the same computer, note the following:

    • Resource utilization requirements need to take into account the extra processes running on the host. You do not have to provide double the resources; however, you must provide more than what is required for maximum capacity for the old servers and the new services. To be safe, allocate an additional 30% over maximum so that there is headroom for all processes during the upgrade process. Be sure to account for disk space as well.
    • You can install only one event management cell on a host. Additional event management cells can be created post installation using the  mcrtcell Open link  CLI command. If you have an existing event management cell, you can leverage that cell with the latest Integration Services, but you must plan on upgrading it to the latest version. 
  5. Log in to the Presentation Server. 
  6. Create silent install packages for the PATROL Agents and KMs Open link .
  7. Configure and/or edit policies Open link .
  8. Deploy the PATROL Agent/KM installation packages to upgrade starting with a few representative agents.
  9. Upgrade the PATROL Agents in batches of 50 to 100 at a time.
  10. Pay attention to the load on the Integration Service node(s) and ensure that you are not exceeding the capacity. BMC recommends a maximum total of 900 agents per Integration Service for a large implementation.


    Upgrading the Infrastructure Management administrator console is not supported in remote host computers. Instead, uninstall the existing instance and install the administrator console (latest version) as a new instance.

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