Implementing private certificates in the Integration Service

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Where to go from here

Once you create a signed certificate for the Integration Service, you can go ahead and apply the Integration Service certificate to the following components:

You can also check if you want to create private certificates in other TrueSight Operations Management components. For more information, see Implementing private certificates in TrueSight Operations Management.

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  1. Chase Colvin

    It is worth noting here, related to generating the p12 file, while the instructions say that you can use a different password than 'get2net', if you do use a different password, it does not work. It is possible that this could work if the appropriate entry, in the file where that password is stored in plaintext, is updated. But it is unclear on which entry it is, or if something else hardcoded would prevent this.

    These instructions should be updated. But beyond that, it is a real problem that the password for this is stored in plaintext.

    Apr 23, 2021 12:24
    1. Krutarth Mohakud

      Chase Colvin thanks for the comment.  I have informed the concerned team to look into this. Meanwhile, we suggest using the mentioned password.

      Jun 08, 2021 06:42