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This topic presents some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about RHEL support and Log4j Vulnerabilities.

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FAQs about RHEL support

This section presents some of the FAQs about RHEL support.

You should first install 11.3.04 using the new image available on the EPD site Open link and then upgrade to

TrueSight Operations Management 11.3.05 is not supported on RHEL 8.4 and later. You must use

You should first upgrade Infrastructure Management server to Infrastructure Management and then perform the OS upgrade to RHEL 8.4 or later.

Fresh install for Remote ISN and Remote cell is available. You can use new 11.3.04 image or image based on the version you are targeting.

Existing TrueSight Presentation Server image is supported on all RHEL versions, so there is no release needed for TrueSight Presentation Server.

FAQs about Log4j Vulnerability fixes

This section presents some of the FAQs about Log4j Vulnerability fixes.

From Log4j point of view, TrueSight Presentation Server is equivalent to the latest Log4j hotfixes provided in 11.3.05.

In TrueSightInfrastructure Management,the usage of Log4j 1.x version that was vulnerable is removed. This was not provided in 11.3.05 version, so use to solve Log4j issues.

Log4j 2.x is upgraded to 2.17.1 in TrueSight Presentation Server.

The usage of Log4j 1.x version that was vulnerable is removed and now using reload4j 1.2.17 in TrueSight Infrastructure Management server, Remote ISN, and Remote Admin.

Following are the list of TPS, their versions, and CVE’s addressed in TrueSight Operations Management release:


TPS version in

CVE Fixed


TrueSight Presentation Server/TrueSight Infrastructure Management

Tomcat 9.0.58


TrueSight Infrastructure Management

Apache 2.4.52 

CVE-2021-44224 and CVE-2021-44790

TrueSight Infrastructure Management

reload4j 1.2.17

CVE-2021-4104 , CVE-2022-23302 , CVE-2019-17571 , CVE-2020-9493, CVE-2022-23305, CVE-2020-9488

TrueSight Presentation Server


CVE-2021-44832 , CVE-2021-45105 , CVE-2021-45046 , CVE-2021-44228

TrueSight Infrastructure Management

Active MQ-5.16.4

Removal of Log4j

TrueSight Infrastructure Management


CVE-2022-23305, CVE-2022-23307,CVE-2022-23302,CVE-2021-4104,SONATYPE-2010-0053

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