Deprecated and dropped features and components

TrueSight Operations Management version 11.3.04 includes changes to the level of support for the following features and components:


You can also see the list of deprecated and dropped features and components for  earlier versions Open link of the product. To learn about what is new in this version, see 11.3.04 enhancements.

Features and components dropped in 11.3.04

Support for the following features or components is dropped in TrueSight Operations Management 11.3.04: 

Announcing Adobe Flash End-of-Life and its impact on TrueSight Operations Management

TrueSight Operations Management 11.3.x uses Adobe Flash in the legacy TrueSight Infrastructure Management operator console. Adobe has announced the end-of-life for Flash, after which Adobe Systems will officially stop updating and distributing Adobe Flash.

The major browsers, including Google ChromeMozilla Firefox, and Microsoft's Internet Explorer, will no longer support Adobe Flash at the end of 2020. Until its removal, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox have, by default, disabled Adobe Flash and require explicit permissions from the user to activate it on a website. However, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge continue to support Adobe Flash until its removal.

BMC's earlier announcement about this can be accessed here.

Dropped support for TrueSight Infrastructure Management consoles

  • The TrueSight Infrastructure Management operator console is dropped in 11.3.04. Therefore, you can no longer cross-launch to the Infrastructure Management operator console from the TrueSight console. The TrueSight console, a component of TrueSight Presentation Server, is the replacement for the operator console. This approach has the following advantages:
    • You no longer need to enable Flash Plugin in your browsers.
    • You can manage your workflows and monitor your infrastructure resources from a single console.
    For more information about the equivalent workflows, see Operator console workflows available in the TrueSight console. Open link

  • The TrueSight Infrastructure Management SLO console is dropped in 11.3.04.

Dropped support for system tray icon

The TrueSight Infrastructure Management system tray icon on Microsoft Windows is dropped in 11.3.04. You can now start or stop the TrueSight Infrastructure Management and other components using the options mentioned in Starting and stopping the TrueSight Operations Management components.

Dropped platform support

Support for Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 and EE platforms are dropped in 11.3.04.

Dropped support for mobile app

TrueOps mobile app is dropped in 11.3.04.

Dropped support for Cloud Vista integration

Cloud Vista integration with TrueSight Infrastructure Management server installations is dropped in 11.3.04.

Dropped support for SNMP Adapter Configuration Manager

SNMP Adapter Configuration Manager is dropped in 11.3.04. Alternatively, you can compile the MIB files by using the mib2map CLI utility.

For more information, see Using the mib2map CLI utility. Open link

Features and components deprecated in 11.3.04

Support for the following features or components is deprecated in TrueSight Operations Management 11.3.04: 

Deprecated support for Exporting Endpoint License Usage Report

Exporting the endpoint license usage report for TrueSight Infrastructure Management server as PDF and CSV types is deprecated in 11.03.04. For more information on exporting the license usage report, see  Viewing and exporting the Server Endpoints license usage report for TrueSight Infrastructure Management Servers. Open link

Deprecated support for Impact Model Designer

Support for BMC Impact Model Designer that is used to create service models using CIs from Atrium CMDB is deprecated in 11.3.04. For more information, see  Building a service model. Open link

Deprecated support for Central and Child Server deployment

Deploying multiple TrueSight Infrastructure Management server environment in a child and central servers model is deprecated in 11.3.04. However, you can continue to deploy multiple TrueSight Infrastructure Management servers configured to the TrueSight Presentation Server. 

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  1. Venkata ramesh Ijjigani

    I see that BMC dropped the reporting feature in the TSIM ops console which is a very important feature. Not sure why BMC is not updating this info in the documentation of TSIM 11.3.04

    Oct 01, 2020 08:10
    1. Harihara Subramanian

      Hello Venkata ramesh Ijjigani,

      The issue has been escalated to all the people concerned. It is a WIP. A lot of discussions are happening around that subject for the last few days, as it involves having additional tools etc. I request you to wait for a few more days.

      Thanks for your patience.


      Oct 05, 2020 01:26