Applying service packs

Service packs are interim product releases that provide minor enhancements, bug fixes, or both.

A service pack resolves problems that were discovered after the release of the current version and can include hot fixes that were delivered since the previous service pack.

In addition to the resolved issues that you might find in a fix pack, a service pack can contain minor enhancements to the product. 

The service pack installation process requires you to complete your preparatory activities before starting the installation tasks. The installation flow diagram and the process table enable you to apply the service pack smoothly.

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TrueSight Operations Management service pack installation process — At a glance

To apply a service pack for TrueSight Operations Management, follow this sequence. 


  • There are major changes for cell KB in 11.3.05 service pack version. You must migrate the cell KB before the installation of 11.3.05 service pack. If not migrated, it will impact the existing cell functionalities.
    For more information, see
      Using the mmigrate utility Open link .
  • Before applying a service pack, make sure that you have an OS backup or a VM snapshot of all affected systems. If this is not possible, make sure that you back up the individual TrueSight Operations Management components.

Step 1: Prepare for installing the service pack

Complete the preinstallation tasks to ensure a successful service pack installation.Preparing to apply service packs on the TrueSight Operations Management solution

Best practice

You must download, install, and run the TrueSight Health Check Tool to generate an HTML report that lists the actual and recommended values for parameters such as OS settings, database, logs, configuration files, and so on in your TrueSight Operations Management environment before you install or upgrade.

Step 2: Install the service pack on the Presentation Server


You can install the service pack on the Presentation Server in the standalone or high-availability mode. Both these options are available in wizard-based and silent modes.

If you had configured disaster recovery earlier, you can continue to use the same procedures for installing the service pack on the Presentation Server with disaster recovery. You do not need any additional steps to configure disaster recovery again after installing the service pack.

Install using one of these options

(Applies even if you had configured disaster recovery earlier)

Standalone mode

High-availability mode

Step 3: Install the service pack on Infrastructure Management

Important (Cell KB migration)

To preserve customizations made to the Cell KB (including any other customizations) and to receive improvements available with the new KB, you need to first migrate the Cell KB by using the mmigrate utility and provide the migrated KB location.

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  5. Georges Lima

    Hi a little question, I'm already in TSIM 11.3.04 and I plan to upgrade 11.3.06. Should I mmigrate the kb ? I remember to make a mmigrate when I install TSIM 11.3.04. Thanks for your help.

    Mar 13, 2023 10:58
    1. Krutarth Mohakud

      Georges Lima , Yes, you must migrate the KB.  It is described on this page before step 1. 

      You can check out this page too: Using the mmigrate utility - BMC TrueSight Operations Management 11.3.04 - BMC Documentation


      Mar 13, 2023 12:07