11.3.06: Service Pack

Service packs do not contain all of the files that are required for a complete product installation. Before you install the service pack, you must have previously installed the base version of the product. 

TrueSight Operations Management service pack version 11.3.06 provides the following enhancements and changes:

  • New platform support
  • SnmpV3 Adapter supported with Perl 5.26.3 on Linux
  • Security fixes for Log4j and Spring4Shell


ProductVersion required

TrueSight Presentation Server



TrueSight Infrastructure Management components



  • Review the system requirements at System requirements and compatibility. Open link
  • Upgrading from an earlier version of TrueSight Operations Management? See  Upgrading. Open link

TrueSight Presentation Server and TrueSight Infrastructure Management enhancements

New platform support

The following Operating Systems are now supported.

  • Microsoft Windows 2022​
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 9.0​
  • Oracle Linux (OEL) 8.x
  • SuSE 12 SP5​
  • Download and install the new image of TrueSight Infrastructure Management 11.3.04 from the EPD Open link  for OEL 8.x and RHEL 8.x/9.0 platforms. 
  • For Remote Cell and Integration Services, only fresh install of 11.3.06 is supported on RHEL 9.0. (Upgraded path is not supported)

SnmpV3 Adapter supported with Perl 5.26.3 on Linux

SnmpV3 adapter is now supported  with Perl 5.26.3 on Linux.

Use precompiled Perl 5.26.3 with FFI::Platypus to configure SnmpV3 adapter.

For more information, see Configuring SNMPv3 adapter on Infrastructure Management server or remote cell for Linux.

Downloading and installing the service pack

To download the service pack 

Download the installation files for the TrueSight Operations Management solution from the BMC Electronic Product Distribution (EPD) site.

Your ability to access product pages on the EPD website is determined by the license entitlements purchased by your company.

Follow these links to obtain the installation files:

TrueSight Presentation Server Version 11.3.06 Open link

TrueSight Infrastructure Management Version 11.3.06 Open link

To install the service pack


Before applying this service pack, make sure that you have an OS backup or a VM snapshot of all affected systems. If this is not possible, make sure that you back up the individual TrueSight Operations Management components.

On some Windows computers, after downloading the service pack installation files from the BMC Electronic Product Distribution (EPD) site, you may be required to unblock the .zip files before extracting them.

  1. Right-click the downloaded .zip file and select Properties.
  2. On the General tab, select Unblock.
  3. Click OK to save changes and then extract the installation files.


    Due to a known Windows limitation, if the extracted file path is too long, the products fail to deploy. To avoid this issue, do the following:

    1. Create a folder in the root location. For example, C:\<folderName>.
    2. Download and extract the installation files to this folder.

    Alternatively, using a third-party tool, such as WinRAR also resolves this issue.

To install service pack 11.3.06, follow the sequence Applying service packs. Open link

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  1. Timothy Pun

    For upgrade to TSPS 11.3.06, the PostgreSql is upgraded but the file postgresql.conf is not migrated. It needs to merge manually.

    Mar 09, 2023 10:19