Planning the Remedy Single Sign-On Server deployment

Use the topics in this section when you plan for the Remedy SSO Server deployment. You must install the Remedy SSO Server before installing or upgrading the TrueSight Presentation Server. You must be aware of the following general information before you proceed to deploy the Remedy SSO server:

  • Remedy SSO must be installed and configured to work with the TrueSight Presentation Server.
  • Remedy SSO can be installed on the same or different host machines as the TrueSight Presentation Server.
  • Remedy SSO can be installed as a standalone instance or in a high-availability environment to work with the TrueSight Presentation Server.
  • A single instance of Remedy SSO can support one or more TrueSight Presentation Servers.
  • An existing Remedy SSO Server version 9.1.03 and later configured with other BMC products, can be configured to work with the TrueSight Presentation Server. 
  • If you are using an earlier version of Remedy SSO, for example, 9.x, you can upgrade your Remedy SSO to a later version v18.x before installing or upgrading your TrueSight Presentation Server.
  • Check and apply the specific version relevant Remedy SSO patches and hotfixes for a seamless integration with the TrueSight Presentation Server.

  • For proper authorization, make sure that the cookie domain used for Remedy SSO and the domain value for the TrueSight Presentation Server both belong to the same network domain or one of its parent domains as the cookie domain. For example, if is the cookie domain of Remedy SSO, then could be the domain name for the TrueSight Presentation Server.
  • After installing the Remedy SSO server and before upgrading the TrueSight Presentation Server from an earlier version, you must migrate the local users and local user groups for each tenant that are existing on Atrium SSO to Remedy SSO. Migration scripts are provided for this purpose.
  • Review the preinstallation requirements mentioned in this document before installing Remedy SSO.

  • As there are two methods to install the Remedy SSO for TrueSight Operations Management, review the deployment options for installing Remedy SSO carefully before proceeding to choose one.


    • There is no TrueSight installer for Remedy SSO available for version 11.3.02 or later. It is available for versions 11.0.00 and 11.3.01 only. You can choose to install using the TrueSight installer for Remedy SSO version 11.3.01 and then upgrade to any of the supported versions of the Remedy SSO server using the Remedy SSO installer.
    • Alternatively, you can directly install any of the supported versions of the Remedy SSO server using the Remedy SSO installer.
    • If you have installed and configured TrueSight installer for Remedy SSO (consolidated installer) version 11.0 or 11.3.01 and plan to upgrade to Remedy SSO to 18.11 or later, ensure that you have performed the steps mentioned in Best practices before upgrading Remedy SSO section in the Preparing to upgrade Remedy Single Sign-On topic.

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Deployment options for Remedy SSO with TrueSight Operations Management

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