IT architects and Solution Administrators can use the information in this section to plan a new deployment of TrueSight Operations Management. 

Getting started with planning

Use the following topics to start planning the TrueSight Operations Management deployment:

Planning to deploy the components

Use these topics to plan for the individual component deployments.

Remedy Single Sign-On

Planning the Remedy Single Sign-On Server deployment

TrueSight installer for Remedy SSO

  • TrueSight installer for Remedy SSO (consolidated installer) version is not available for 11.3.02 or 11.3.03.
  • If you have installed and configured TrueSight installer for Remedy SSO (consolidated installer) version 11.0 or 11.3.01 and plan to upgrade to Remedy SSO to 18.11 or later, ensure that you have performed the steps mentioned in Best practices before upgrading Remedy SSO section in the Preparing to upgrade Remedy Single Sign-On topic before upgrading Remedy SSO using Remedy SSO installer to avoid seeing upgrade exceptions.

Security planning

Use these topics to plan to secure the TrueSight Operations Management environment.

Deployment use cases

Use these topics to understand the TrueSight Operations Management deployment use cases.

Where to go from here

After completing the planning activities, perform the preinstallation tasks listed in Preparing to install the TrueSight Operations Management solution.

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